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Survey and Field Investigation

Ground Survey

Control Point Survey

Measuring positions of the control points and surveying for renewing sokuryoukikithe result of existing control points.


Surveying to measure the height differences, differences in elevation between two points, classified as Direct Leveling and Indirect Leveling.


Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)Survey

Surveying to measure the position and height using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and Galileo System. The GNSS receivers are installed at two measuring places and measured by receiving GPS signal transmitted from the GPS satellites.

Investigation and Application

Applied Survey

Utilize the basic survey, Control Point Survey, Leveling,Land Survey, Photogrammetry, and combine some of them in accordance with purposes of use, including Route Survey, River Survey and Land Survey.

Land Survey

Surveying land and boundaries of land, create drawings and materials necessary for land acquisition,performed on works rules of Public Survey.

Topographic Survey

Measuring the undulations of the ground, the position of natural objects such as river and artificial structure such as building to investigate the name of the place and boundaries.


Creating cross‐section drawings in rivers, lakes,reservoirs and coastal areas, by measuring water depth, sounding position and water level to determine the undulations of water bottom ground.


Application for Development Activities

Consistently performing all planning, surveying, design,application for licenses as an agent.

Hydrographic Survey

Providing information of various phenomenon related to water, Surface Water and Groundwater, by finding out various phenomenon related to water by using variety of survey methods and comprehensive analysis technology.

City Planning

Performing newly or change of land sections and traits,public facilities such as roads and drainage.

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