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Universal Engineering Co., Ltd. in Japan and the United States of standards, regulations , laws , standards , technology , products , building construction , building materials , construction procedures , construction management , cost , information technology , computer software , always get all of these up-to-date information doing.


Road and Infrastructure

highway-534734_1280 ◆ Highway, Roadway and Street Intersection Planning and Design
◆ Structural Engineering of Bridge and Retaining Wall
◆ Slope Ground and Reinforcement Earth Retaining Wall Design
◆ Underground Pipeline Structure Design
◆ Water Supply Distribution Design
◆ Water Supply Safety Plan and Disaster Operation Manual
◆ Pipeline Earthquake Resistance Performance Assessment
◆ Agriculture Irrigation
◆ Stormwater Drainage System Planning and Design
◆ Agricultural Facility Disaster Recovery Plan
◆ River Improvement Planning
◆ River Revetment Design
◆ Sluice Pipe Design
◆ Soil Erosion Control Planning and Design
◆ Fishing Port, Harbor and Coastal Structure Design

Geographic Information System


◆ Information and Data Collection for Database
◆ Facility Ledger Management System

Survey and Field Investigation

自動追尾1◆ Geographic Positioning System (GPS) Surveying
◆ Sounding
◆ Land Readjustment


Computer Software

◆ Autodesk AutoCAD10
◆ Specsintact
◆ Road Automatic Designing CAD System (RAPS)
◆ PC Mapping HT
◆ Leica GPS SR530, Topcon GPS
◆ Total Station (TS)
◆ Non‐Prism Transit
◆ Bluetrend‐Win Fukui
◆ Google Sketchup

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