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Road and Infrastructure

Road is important infrastructure supporting industry and life. Recently, aging of road infrastructure is a major problem, the damage of road structures such as bridges caused by deterioration has become apparent, and the lifelong duration of structure is important and required. We propose an optimal plan, introducing advanced technologies for the life‐long duration and enhancing maintenance property of structures.

Investigation & Diagnosis

  • Investigation of road facilities, slopes,structures
  • Bridge inspection and investigation
  • Diagnosis of degree of deterioration of concrete and steel
  • Aseismatic performance evaluation

Plan & Design Facilities

  • Road planning and design
  • Design of road incidental facilities, retaining wall, culvert, etc.
  • Bridge Designs
  • Repairing design of bridges and road structures
  • Construction plan and temporary equipment design
  • Design of reinforced concrete structures and aseismatic structures, etc.

Soil Mechanics & Foundation

  • Design of foundation structures
  • Planning and design of slope surface protection
  • Measures for soft ground engineering
  • Planning and design of soil improvement

Diagnosis of Deterioration Degree

Investigate the condition of damaged concrete by salt, freezing or deterioration over time, and determine the deterioration degree by sight or by measuring restitution,non‐destructive method, as necessary.4

Aseismatic Performance Evaluation by FEM

Stress analysis and Aseismatic performance evaluation with high accuracy by Finite Element Method.
Propose the plan for Anti‐seismic reinforcement construction method considering the economical efficiency and structure characteristic.5

Bridges Design

Bridges are always in a severe atmosphere such as the repeated load of traffic, rainwater, difference in cold or warm air temperatures, road anti‐freeze spraying.
Proposing the best plan for lifelong duration of bridges including the floor slab and felloe guard concrete protecting, expansion apparatus selecting.6

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