CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSULTANT Universal Engineering Co., Ltd.

Our Mission

Our Mission

“We are a group of experienced professionals and pride ourselves to be able to provide full‐service engineering services with high reliability that meet the demands of our clients.”

Quality of Work

We propose the best plan for the life‐long duration and enhancing maintenance property of structures in a comprehensive way.

A successful execution of high‐quality work within a prescribed budget and in a specified time frame, is an essential precondition to have continuous business. We provide our clients with on‐time, on‐budget and high‐quality services.

The quality of our design is processed through a series of document review sessions by the technical management staff that consists of Project Manager, Project Architect/Engineer, Project Coordinator and Designers.

We are capable of interpreting and selecting appropriate technical requirements,applicable criteria, standards, codes, guides and other Civil Engineering related documents to ensure new facilities can be constructed properly as well as reconstruction of existing facilities with particular consideration of fire codes, life safety code, antiterrorism and environmental protection to minimize harmful effects.

We conduct research and recommend solutions supported by best engineering judgement accepted by all parties on projects with unusual restrictions that differs from typical standards to be accepted by all parties.

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